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Africa Payroll Solutions

Africa is complicated in many ways and to find a solution that offers full payroll integration is not easy.  Most companies operating in Africa use several different payroll providers and not to mention the various language barriers in the region.

At Africa Deployments, our payroll software is cloud-based and we are integrated in over 40 African countries offering our clients full compliance in these territories.  Take the inconvenience out of dealing with multiple contacts and get a single point of contact.  Our cloud-based software allows employers a host of standard, real-time reports covering Payroll, HR, Costing or Legislation and is accessible in various formats.  Employees can also log onto the system at any given time to view pay slips and apply for leave.

Africa Deployments will ensure that monthly calculations and deductions have been accounted for to ensure that you are compliant in Africa.  We can also pay your contractors monthly if this is required from a single point to anywhere in the world.

Speak to one of Payroll Consultants if you are looking for compliancy or if you would like to outsource this function from your HR department.

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