With the complexity of managing an array of potential business risks such as fraud, cyber-attacks, currency fluctuations, and cash flow, Africa Deployments (ADS) supports your operations across the African Continent by providing Treasury Management Services to mitigate these risks.


ADS is well versed to manage the “currency fluctuations” by providing accurate reporting on exchange and access to over 30 African currencies and payments in over 46 African Countries.


We disburse payments across the African region on your behalf and manage the risks associated with the above.  These payments would be the payment of local expenses on the issuance of invoices or the payment of mass local payrolls in local currency in the Africa Region.  All payments are signed off by the client prior to any settlement.


Pre-paid expense cards can be arranged for individuals or Project Teams in-country for quick and easy access to funds.  The cards are managed internally and we will have access to all expense reports that can be used against monthly claims.

> Local expense payments via invoice through wire transfer / electronic fund transfer (EFT) in local currency

> Mass Payroll settlement to employee’s bank accounts across the Africa Region in local currency

> Expense Card issuance and management

> Companies can streamline payment processes and ease strain on workforce

> Payment in local currency with access to 30 African currencies and payments in over 46 African Countries

> Settlement of payments within 24 to 72 hours upon signed off expenses

> Mitigation of cyber-attacks and fraud

> Reduction of payment fees and related costs involved with currency conversions

Our solutions are fully compliant and ADS adherers to strict Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism policies and Global Fiscal regulations. 


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