Why we do what we do

Africa Deployments Ltd (ADS) has gained a specialist reputation for being the number one Employer of Record solutions provider across Africa.  We provide employer of record & payroll solutions in over 46 African countries.

Having come from a Human Resources background, the Directors came across the need for Employer of Record solutions (outsourced employment) & Payroll to be provided across the Africa region for our clients that did not have a registered entity in those specific countries and out of this Africa Deployments was born.

Today with the vision and value that we provide to our clients across Africa, our Team of Consultants is committed to providing them with the service they deserve and cost-effective solutions to help them grow their business activities in Africa.

With over 15 years of experience operating in the region, we understand the great emphasis that companies put on their human capital needs while maintaining the overall business integrity and growth.

We partner with our clients by offering tailored employer of record solutions for their needs in Africa and providing full compliance on a monthly basis.

We work with International NGO’s, Development Agencies & Consulting Firms, Engineering & Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing / FMCG, Mining, Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas clients across Africa providing Africa Employer of Record solutions. 

As your Africa Employer of Record (EOR) partner, we will employ your staff across Africa, saving you precious time and lowering the cost of investment to enter the market.  All of this is done without you ever having to open a legal entity and completely relying on our Team of Professionals.  Think of us as an “extension” of your business in Africa with the knowledge and skills to fast-track your expansion. 

We take on the responsibility and most importantly the liability to ensure that you are fully compliant from an EmployerPayrollHuman Resources (HR) and Tax perspective in Africa.

What is an Africa Employer of Record (EOR)
An Africa Employer of Record is a company / organization that is legally responsible for employing, paying employees, dealing with employee taxes, benefits, pension and overall payroll function.  The EOR will also provide Human Resources support in-country.

What is the difference between an Employer of Record (EOR) & Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

An “Employer of Record” & “Professional Employer Organization” are very similar in service offering and there is not much difference, although the difference might not seem that big when you are not sure of the differences?

An Employer of Record (EOR) will take full liability to ensure full compliance of the individuals, whereas the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) will only take part-liability of the individuals.

Please feel free to browse “our services” and one of our Professional Executives would be more than happy to discuss your needs further.


Benefits to working with ADS

  • We have over 15 years of experience and professionalism working in the Africa region
  • Employ Consultants / Third Country Nationals (TCN) / Expatriates within 24 hours
  • Integration of outsourced employment & payroll in over 46 African countries
  • Cost-effective solutions and a single point of contact for Africa
  • Professional team of Payroll Consultants and a dedicated single point of contact
  • We follow and act accordingly to the United States & European Compliance acts and vet all our joint venture partners in Africa
  • We are an Industry Partner for Humentum
  • We afford our clients the opportunity to reduce the strain on their HR Departments, overall human capital costs and initial investment to enter into new markets
  • Tax remittances provided monthly for your compliance to ensure that your funds are being channeled correctly
  • Forex risk mitigation across Africa with accurate reporting and access to over 30 African currencies in 46 African Countries
  • Provider of Medical, Work Accident & Life Insurance
  • We act as “your entity” where you don’t have a registered entity in-country
Africa Employer of Record (Africa EOR) & PayrollBenefits working with ADS



Our Team

Eugenio Maggi
Operations Director
Carl Endenburg
Nasstasia Adams
Group Financial Manager
Henna Burhooa
Finance & Payroll Manager
Maria Endenburg
General Manager - Accounts
Anisha Jhumun
Commercial & Compliance Manager
Divya Lutchmee Permal
Junior Administration Executive
Girija Devi Ramdhary
Junior Compliance Executive
Ziyaad Boodhun
Senior Payroll Executive
Deeya Sebaluck
Payroll Executive
Trianka Baldeo
Payroll Executive
Rostom Shabnam Bibi Faatimah
Senior Payroll Executive
Nadeem Sham
Payroll Executive
Venita Hoolash
Payroll Executive