We were in Mokaikai this past week, in the province of Limpopo, South Africa. The ADS team had 6 days exploring the Safari reserve of Mabula, encountering different animals and enjoying the Africa Skies. This adventure indeed made the team grow in spirit and made us all realise that we are human at the end […]

Today we are going to be discussing “Africa Remote Teams” and how they can play a pivotal role in expanding your talent base with ease of hire and flexible working solutions for any International Organizations looking to expand in the Region. I am Eugenio Maggi the Operations Director of Africa Deployments (ADS) a leading provider […]

CASE REVIEW: #Africa Deployments was recently contacted by an #NGO to directly employ 28 contractors in #Ethiopia, providing them with an Ethiopia Employer of Record solution & #Payroll for a #USAID funded project. We were also required to onboard the personnel within a few days. As a requirement for USAID funding, we are required to employ them locally on a contract in-country, manage the payroll and submit all proof of remittances […]