Africa Deployments (ADS) offers our clients access to Remote Teams in Africa for major projects that are time-sensitive.  It is like operating under an Employer of Record model, but with access to Professional Skilled Teams to help scale and build operations in a “skill shortage environment”.  Clients get access to over 46 African Countries and can integrate the Remote Team across the region.

Many companies are struggling to find skilled professionals to work on their projects and instead of hiring Expatriates to come and work in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom they prefer to hire Remote Teams to reduce costs and increase project capacity without having to break the budget.  Africa has a great talent pool and a very skilled professional base to select from. Companies have found that it is now easier to have access to a Global Workforce without increasing their HR staffing budgets in-country and reduced hiring costs for their projects as they have a lower salary base and lower operational cost.

ADS will assist you in finding your Remote Team with the right skills in Africa and second the individuals back to your project.  We will provide the individuals with a local employment contract and management of their local payroll ensuring compliance with local Government Agencies and ensuring that they are paid on time in their local currency.

We work with multiple sectors from FinTech, IT & Technology, Call Centers, Engineering and Startups.

Get in touch with us and let us assist you in finding your Remote Team in Africa.

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