Seychelles Employer of Record & Payroll

Africa Deployments Seychelles offers our clients Employer of Record (EOR) services covering all of the regions within.  We offer full-time employment or fixed terms contracts based on your requirements in Seychelles for locals or expatriates.  ADS will take care of the work permit under our umbrella and will issue local work contracts to your contractors.  We will also advise our client’s on best Human Resource (HR) practices when setting up the employee’s locally in Seychelles.

ADS takes care of the local tax & PAYE remittances to the Revenue Services on a monthly basis ensuring that they are fully compliant with the law.  We will also ensure that their salaries are paid on time monthly and issue them with their pay slips.


99,258 (2021)


Seychellois Rupee


Seychellois creole


1.454 billion USD (2021)


Fishing, Farming & Oil drilling

What income is Taxable?

Any income earned in the form of cash, wages, salary, overtime, leave pay or payment in lieu of leave, commissions, gratuity, bonus, or any amount that has benefited the employee.  All income will be taxed in accordance with the law and the final payroll issued monthly.

What type of leaves is allowed?

  • Annual leave – 21 days, full pay annually
  • Public Holiday– 12 Public Holidays per annum as per leave law of Seychelles.
  • Sick leave – Employees in Seychelles are entitled to 21 days’ sick leave per year.
  • Maternity leave – Entitled to 16 weeks’ paid maternity leave of which not less than 12 weeks shall be taken after birth. .
  • Paternity leave – Immediately after delivery or miscarriage entitled to 10 working days leave from work.

Can you give fringe benefits?

Yes you can but keep in mind that Fringe Benefits will be subject to employee PAYE tax.  Only benefits that cannot be converted to cash will not be subject to tax.  If the employer covers some of the employees expenses i.e. mobile phone then it must be subject to PAYE tax and either the employer will cover this portion for the employee or the employee will bear the PAYE tax.

What are the employer & Employee contributions?

Pension contribution fund:

  • Employer Contributions: 2%
  • Employee Contributions: 2%

Social Security:

  • Employer Contribution: 20%
  • Employee Contribution: 2.5%

Is there Gratuity Payments for Termination?

An Employer and Employee can agree on severance pay.  Severance pay depends  on the method of termination.


Get in touch with one of our consultants should you have any further questions regarding our Seychelles Employer of record solutions or only require a payroll solution in Seychelles.

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