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ADS is currently supporting clients operating in Zambia with Employer of Record solutions.  We are working with multiple clients within the NGO, Mining, FMCG , Engineering sectors.

We are sharing a recent case study with a client of ours whom is very well known globally not only within the NGO sector but with their seal of approval on your everyday consumable products.  This Client is doing amazing work Globally and has made such an amazing social contribution for people who are supplying large international organizations with the products we use in our everyday lives.  We are extremely grateful to be working with them and look forward to continue working with them for many years to come.

Our client approached us recently to employ an expatriate national who was moving to Zambia to be with their family.  Although our client did not physically have a presence in Zambia or a project in Zambia, it was against the organizations policy to employ someone in another jurisdiction and not contribute to the local tax ecosystem.  They requested if it was possible for Africa Deployments to employ the expatriate in Zambia and effectively making them a “Remote Team Worker” within the organization.

For those who know Zambia and the stringent regulations around obtaining a work permit for an expat will understand that it would be almost impossible to get a work permit for them.

Through our Zambia Employer of Record service and a few backwards and forwards discussions with the Zambian Immigration authorities, we were able to outline the benefit to having the individual in-country and contributing towards the social good of the Zambian people.  We were able to obtain a work permit within six weeks for the individual and they were reunited with their family just in time for Christmas.

At ADS we believe in keeping the human touch and going beyond our service to assist our clients and their people, one story at a time.

If you have been struggling in Zambia or would like to explore cost effective ways of entering into Zambia then you might want to consider using a Zambia Employer of Record.

Africa Deployments is an Africa Employer of Record solutions provider, providing employer of record in over 46 African Countries.  We will employ your local and expatriate employees ensuring that they are compliant in country.  This solution may be for you if you do not have a registered entity and want to explore entering into the market at a fraction of the cost to setup the entity.


Africa Deployments (ADS) provides Namibia Employer of Records solutions to many of our clients operating in the Africa region.  We will take care of the local employment contracts, calculation of the monthly payroll, salary payments by the 25th of each month and then ensure that the taxes are paid over to the local authorities. 

Last year in January 2022, ADS was approached by a big “Business Process Outsourcing” call centre who provides call centre agents to support their German Airline Client.

The scope of work was as follows: Recruit and employ 60 call centre agents through our Namibia Employer of Record solution within Namibia.  One would think this is quite easy… the catch… all 60 need to be fluent  (written and oral) in German.  For our client they were competing with other companies out of Cape Town, South Africa and the skills pot was becoming very scarce, meaning they were struggling to find top talent.  This lead them to believe that if they could tap into the German-speaking community of Namibia that they would open up a new talent pool for their business operations.  The idea was GENIUS but where to start…

This is where ADS came into the picture in offering the client a solution to recruit, employ (through Employer of Record) and assist with the HR Payroll management on a monthly basis.  We started by posting the jobs on local job portals and received quite a few number of applicants for the position.  We even took it a step further and approached the German Colleges and handed out pamphlets in German at the local shopping centres in and around Namibia.  The response was overwhelming and the recruitment drive was a success.

Within the few months the Team was built up to 50 people.  All applicants had to go through a strict interview process and pass a language test as a final hurdle to being employed under the local entity in Namibia.  ADS was further requested by the client to assist in purchasing laptops and headsets for all the individuals in Namibia.  All the individuals were working from home as COVID had proved that working from home model can be done.

Fast forward to one year on (March 2023), the client made a great success of their expansion into Namibia that they had decided to setup a presence within the Country.  This is exactly what our Company stands for and we encourage our clients to use Employer of Record services for quick expansion at a fraction of the cost to set up.  By our client choosing to use our services they saved themselves hundreds and thousands of dollars in getting up and running in Namibia.  We know that our client will prosper for many years to come in the Namibian region and we wish them all the best going forward.

What this means to us at Africa Deployments… mission accomplished!

If you would like to explore the option of using our services in Namibia then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales consultants.


Recently a few months back we were contacted by an Australian Mining client to assist with their projects in the West Africa region.  The client was working with a previous provider in the region and was experiencing some issues with the local staff taxes being paid over to the authorities.

The client approached us and we were in discussions for around six months before they had made the decision to transition their project over to our Ivory Coast Employer of Record solution.  ADS was tasked with employing the local staff, Third Country Nationals and Expats making up various nationalities from all over the world.

The client had requested if we could assist them in obtaining a POEA clearance for their Filipino Nationals.  This was the first time we had ever heard of the POEA process… it stands for Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and it is required before you can bring any Nationals to projects outside of the Philippines.  Guided by our client and their expert Team in the Philippines we were able to get all the required documentation together and approved locally by the Ministries in Ivory Coast.  The process took approximately 12 weeks to do but in the end it was worth it to ensure that we could assist our client in bringing their staff to Ivory Coast for the project.

ADS was able to employ the local staff and ensure that their tax obligations have been met and that it has been paid over to the local authorities.  We have also employed several Expatriates on the project assisting them to obtain their work permits and resident permits.

In some cases, the Expats can be hired on a Consultant Basis and this allows for a 20% withholding tax to be applied to the Consultants invoice monthly.  The consultant is however is not required to obtain a work permit but must instead apply for a Resident Permit allowing them to enter in and out of Ivory Coast on a monthly basis.

The client had also requested us to pay the Expats to their local bank accounts abroad and had asked if we could take over the Treasury Management of this on a monthly basis.  Currently, we are transferring XOF to Euro outside of Ivory Coast and going through the proper Regulatory Channels to ensure that it is compliant. 

If you have a project coming up in Ivory Coast and would like to discuss our Employer of Record solutions or Treasury Management then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Africa Deployments has been supplying Rwanda Employer of Record (EOR) services to our clients based in the United States of America and Europe for well over 5 years.

One of our most interesting clients and one that we are really proud to be associated with has quite a large foot print in Rwanda.  Their seal of approval can be found on many products that we enjoy today from coffee, cocoa (chocolates) and teas from within the Africa Region.  They really work hard to ensure that sustainability and sourcing is done in a responsible manner.  

The Client approached us with several locations across Africa (EthiopiaUgandaSouth AfricaRwandaZambia and Malawi) providing Employer of Record under our various options we have in Africa covering over 46 African countries.

Rwanda is a promising and up coming nation.  The country has evolved with the vision of creating a new financial hub in Africa.  Our client requested that we employ their local staff in Rwanda under an EOR solution.  We were able to employ their staff within 2 to 3 business days once we had finalized the contracts of employment.

We support our client monthly with the payroll, statutory payments to the tax authorities and ensure that the salaries are paid by the 25th of each month.  We also guide our client through the various HR regulations that exist in Rwanda ensuring they are fully compliant.

We have had a very successful relationship with our client in Africa and are now currently entering our 4th year with them.

If you are looking for an EOR solution that can cater to your needs then please feel free to reach out to us

Africa Deployments is your Employer of Record solutions provider in over 46 African Countries.  We look forward to welcoming any questions or queries you have in Rwanda. 


Africa Deployments was recently approached by our client looking to relocate one of their staff members either to be based in Dubai or Mauritius under Africa Deployments Employer of Record solutions.

The client’s employee had recently completed an existing contract and was looking to relocate to a more favourable location.  The individual is a Zimbabwean national who was looking to setup a base for her new role but did not want to be based in Zimbabwe due to current circumstances within the country.

We suggested to our client that we could move the individual to be based in Mauritius under our company.  We would apply for all the work permits and ensure that they are properly setup in-country.

Within 3 weeks the employee had obtained their work permit and was now legally employed within Mauritius.  The most important factors for the individual was that they received their salary in USD and had access to proper banking profile.  ADS setup her up with a local bank provider through ABSA Bank Mauritius.  We assisted to get them viewings for properties to rent and assisted them with getting a rental vehicle until such time they bought their own car.

ADS has successfully done this for a few of our clients and the positives (not only living in paradise on an island) but the individuals are able to get anywhere from a three (3) year to ten (10) year occupation permit.  The islands offers excellent amenities, schooling and great life for the Family.

Speak to us should you wish to find out more and how we can assist.

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