Operating your business in Africa?

Are you a project house requiring a team on the ground in Africa for 2-5 years, this is new territory for you and you are not up to date with local labour laws and tax legislation. Take away the stress of dealing with labour legislation so you can focus on your project and the delivery of the project. ADS is a one-stop shop that allows you a hassle-free way of paying your staff on time and making sure their correct statutory expenses are paid to the authorities on time. 

Africa Deployments is servicing our clients in over 46 African countries, offering:

At Africa Deployments Employer of Record, we are passionate about providing a personalized service to you, our clients, and your employees using innovative technologies for Africa Employer of Record, HR, and Payroll solutions across the African regions. We focus ourselves on being service-orientated with the speed of response, attentiveness and always going above and beyond. We are passionate about helping people every day through our innate expertise, knowledgeability, and know-how of the African regions, making it seamless for our clients.