Why Choose an outsourced Payroll vs Full department

Why choose an outsourced Africa Payroll provider over a full-time Payroll Department?

We are all accustomed to the word ‘HR’ as being a significant part of an organization.  However, a more interesting picture is the ability to outsource your payroll to a Partner within the region providing Payroll Solutions.  An outsourced Payroll solution is where an employer, doesn’t have to face the daily demands of the employee records and the need not worry about processing the payroll calculations, keeping up to date with regulatory changes and managing it.  This can be done by means of a specialist Payroll Partner with the expertise and know-how of providing compliant Payroll Solutions.

I am Henna Burhooa, the Finance & Payroll Manager of Africa Deployments (ADS), a prominent Partner of Employer of Record (EOR) and Africa Payroll Solutions.  Let me help you to understand, why an outsourced Africa Payroll Solutions provider could be more beneficial to your operations, compared to a full-time Human Resources (HR) Department focused on different regions.

Africa Deployments Limited (ADS) offers an integral solution for employment in Africa, known as an Employer of Record and the ability and know-how to run complex payroll across Africa. 

ADS will show the pros of using a specialist organization to Partner with you in your region like Africa and reduce the burden of running complex Payroll in a constantly changing environment.

Cost Saving

No need to have a new department set up (with an organizational hierarchy) in different African countries and incur the associated costs (direct and indirect costs involved) as ADS takes up the whole process – from onboarding the employee data, running of complex payroll modules and right up to the end of the employment cycle of those individuals.

Time Saving

All information needed is housed under a “cloud based” application for multiple countries and run from our central HQ.  The onboarding process that contains important employee data, the payroll processing of statutory taxes and the services associated with employment (leave management, visa and work permit application, medical and life insurance, Pension saving plan) would reduce time to obtain those records as it is centrally held for ease of access.  A single point of contact can also handle queries from employee’s and direct them as needed.

Easy Payroll

ADS takes care of the payroll computations, issuing of the payslips and can even arrange for the salary payments and contributions to be paid locally on your behalf. ADS will also keep you up to date on all Country statutory laws and changes in payroll input for each country keeping you compliant.

Tailormade payment

ADS can process salaries at any time of the month while advising on the different models suitable.  Payments can be done in local currency or multiple currencies i.e. USD, Euro, GBP etc…


ADS is able to run the expense management of the individuals and seek the approvals within your organization and input this data onto the payroll run monthly.  In addition, we put at the disposition expense cards so that contractors can spend in a secure environment, without the need to send funds to the individuals, hence saving time.

ADS lays much emphasis on the human aspect as we give assurance both to the clients and their employee’s that you are in trusted hands.

Considering hiring people, Africa Deployments offers it all! Our incredible team offer Employer of Record (EOR), Payroll Processing, Treasury Management and Support Services ensuring you meet local Compliance and Governance in over the 46 Africa countries that we cover.

I, Henna Burhooa, thank you for your valued time in reading our article and trust that you will consider choosing an outsourced Africa Payroll provider who has the experience and expertise to Partner with and keep you covered at all times.