A country emerging from the deep dark …

It’s the late nineties and I’m visiting Rwanda for the first time. I’m attending a COMESA conference and I tell the Rwandan delegate next to me how excited I am to be in his intriguing country and I mention that I will be visiting the Genocide Museum the next day. Over 800 000 killed in just a few months. He nods then frowns: “That’s okay but please understand that there is much more to my country than the genocide.”

There surely is! A small country wedged into central-east Africa surrounded by some big boys like the DRC, Tanzania, Uganda. Some call it the ‘Singapore‘ of Africa and some call it the ‘Hong Kong‘ of the region. Why?

Rapid change leads to quick results …

Some 20 years later I’m back on a business assignment with 2 days added on to see the famous mountain gorillas. I visit the modern building in Kigali that houses the investment centre. The official who is assigned to help me is a smiling, dark-suited young lady. I greet her in French and she immediately informs me in a friendly tone that she does not speak that language. English is now the business medium in her country. What specific projects and sectors am I interested in? She will assign me the official who has knowledge and experience of my sector and will satisfy my every need!

Whatever one’s views on Rwanda, there is no doubting its investor-friendly stance.

A strategic geographical location, improving infrastructure and enticing legislation…

There are the aforementioned big neighboring members of the East African Community. A regional market of some 285 million with a GDP in 2021 of over US$ 305 billion. And in its midst is a country that was once so dependent on agriculture and tourism but which has now developed industries and its digital economy and is now claiming hallowed ‘mixed economy‘ status. Major transport, power supply, and other infrastructure improvements. And plans for a much-needed new international airport. An array of fiscal and other incentives such as zero corporate income tax for companies planning to relocate headquarters to Rwanda. 

I stay at two hotels in Kigali (one of which is the Mille Collines of Hotel Rwanda film fame.) The streets of the CBD are wide with well-tendered tree and grass linings and verges. No visible litter. Only on the road to the gorillas of the Virunga mountains, do I see a few disheveled village buildings – some with old French signage on the walls.

And the donor community and business world take notice …

And helped by dollops of aid – over US$ 1 billion a year to make Rwanda the highest donor aid per capita in the region. Numerous offices of foreign development agencies, big and smaller NGO’s, UN relief agencies etc. Many using Rwanda as a springboard into the region. Then there is the flow of foreign direct investment by big companies and major multinationals many choosing Rwanda for their regional HQ’s – Heineken, Unilever, Microsoft, various banks and financial institutions etc. The industrial parks established by government are being filled. A green economy is encouraged and US $ 100 million green investment economy has recently been announced. 

Striving to be an island of peace in a troubled setting …

After visiting the gorillas, we return to our tourist lodgings at the foot of the mountains. I decide to go for a run around the complex and get lost. I follow a path that leads me to a line of bungalows and a parade ground where rows of soldiers are running in tight formation and almost perfect unison – shining rifles held across their chests. The tourists are protected. The conflict and mayhem is just across the border …

Africa Deployments – Case Study Rwanda

Africa Deployments has been supplying Rwanda Employer of Record (EOR) services to our clients based in the United States of America and Europe for well over 5 years.

One of our most interesting clients and one that we are really proud to be associated with has quite a large foot print in Rwanda.  Their seal of approval can be found on many products that we enjoy today from coffee, cocoa (chocolates) and teas from within the Africa Region.  They really work hard to ensure that sustainability and sourcing is done in a responsible manner.  

The Client approached us with several locations across Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi) providing Employer of Record under our various options we have in Africa covering over 46 African countries.

Rwanda is a promising and up coming nation.  The country has evolved with the vision of creating a new financial hub in Africa.  Our client requested that we employ their local staff in Rwanda under an EOR solution.  We were able to employ their staff within 2 to 3 business days once we had finalized the contracts of employment.

We support our client monthly with the payroll, statutory payments to the tax authorities and ensure that the salaries are paid by the 25th of each month.  We also guide our client through the various HR regulations that exist in Rwanda ensuring they are fully compliant.

We have had a very successful relationship with our client in Africa and are now currently entering our 4th year with them.

If you are looking for an EOR solution that can cater to your needs then please feel free to reach out to us

Africa Deployments is your Employer of Record solutions provider in over 46 African Countries.  We look forward to welcoming any questions or queries you have in Rwanda. 

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