Why Companies are using Africa Remote Teams?

Today we are going to be discussing Africa Remote Teams and how they can play a pivotal role in expanding your talent base with ease of hire and flexible working solutions for any International Organizations looking to expand in the Region.

I am Eugenio Maggi the Operations Director of Africa Deployments (ADS) a leading provider of Africa Employer of Record solutions in over 46 Countries and I will be taking us through Africa Remote Teams.

First, let’s understand what it means to be a Remote Worker.  A Remote Worker is an employee or contractor for a company that works in another City, State or Country.  They are typically working from their home office working normal or abnormal working hours to run with specific projects that are time-sensitive. 

Typical industries that support remote working are the FinTech, IT / Information Technology Development, Cybersecurity, Banking, Call Centres, Engineering and Consulting Organizations.  These organizations will typically hire large volumes of people on a project, and this is known as “Remote Teams”. 

Why organizations use remote teams:

Organizations typically hire remote teams based on several factors.  In the USA alone there has been such an increase for skills that they are forced to look for these skills outside due to a shortage in the Talent pool within. 

Many companies don’t have the means to bring Expats over to the USA or in fact Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and they don’t have the time to obtain the required paperwork allowing individuals to work in the Organizations country of operations.

This is where Remote Teams have been shown to

A) Reduce the time to hire an individual onto a Team and

B) No work permit applications and moving across the globe for the job is required, saving Organizations a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Other factors include “cost of employment” to hire someone locally in the Organizations Country of operations.  By hiring a Remote Team, Organizations can reduce the “Cost of Employment” and engage with top talent at a fraction of the price.  Think of all the benefits that you would still need to add on if you were hiring in the USA… 401K plan.  Organizations can run at lower operational costs and deliver on projects within budget and on time.

Are you considering hiring a Remote Team?  Find out below why Organizations are turning to Africa Deployments to assist them.

How can Africa Deployments Assist with Africa Remote Teams:

Africa has a rich talent pool of skills and has been favourable to many Organizations from abroad.  The beauty of this is that employment has now become global rather than limited to the country of operations.  With diverse cultures and equal employment opportunities on the rise, Africa is most certainly at the forefront for many Organizations looking to increase their talent pools.

Organizations have been turning to us to assist them in the recruitment and hiring of their Remote Teams across the Africa Region.  We can employ individuals within 24 to 72 hours of being identified for a project. 

We have been placing Remote Teams throughout Africa and currently run the employment and payroll management for these individuals monthly.  We make sure they are all fully compliant from an employment and tax perspective freeing up the Organizations time to focus on key business metrics. 

These individuals will all have local labour rights within their country of residence and will contribute to their local tax system.

How does this all work?

Africa Deployments provides Employer of Record solutions in over 46 African countries.  We will hire your employees through one of our 46 entities in Africa.  Salaries can also be paid in local currency to the individuals.

We assist the client to recruit the skills, or they can provide us with the employees to be employed in their location of remote work.

Once the individuals have been identified for the project, we issue them with a local employment contract and enroll them on our payroll.  Then monthly we will calculate the payroll obligations and ensure that their salaries and taxes are paid on time or however defined by the Organization.

Full compliant reports are submitted to the Organization monthly showing the payroll and proof of statutory tax payments.

Considering hiring a Remote Team in Africa soon?

Get in touch with us and let us assist you in setting up a methodical approach to hiring your next Remote Team in Africa.

I am Eugenio Maggi of Africa Deployments an Employer of Record provider in over 46 African countries and thank you for taking the time to read our article on Africa Remote Teams.